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The Imperial Herald

Imperial Herald was a quarterly publication issued by AEG to support Legend of the Five Rings products in the 1990s. It included news, interviews, spoilers, and feature articles on all things Rokugan. Here on The Emerald Dojo, The Imperial Herald is a monthly round-up of all news related to Fantasy Flight Games' Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

Now archived, the Herald remains a showcase of official and unofficial news and activity within the Legend of the Five Rings community in the final year of the game.

May 2021 - Interview with Steelfur and Kakita Kaori of The Emerald Legacy, and farewell.

April 2021 - Interview with Katrina Ostrander, Head of Story at Fantasy Flight Games.

March 2021 - Interview with Petter Nyström of The Lotus Pavilion.

February 2021 - Interview with Dan of BushiBuilder.

January 2021 - Interview with WorkerBee of FiveRingsDB.

December 2020 - Interview Ikoma Tomoya and Zarzuckett of Jigoku.

November 2020 - Interview with Jmart of the Discord League.

October 2020 - Interview with Cbass of the Discord server.

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