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By paulofhallett#7086

Updated 31 January, 2021

For most Legend of the Five Rings players, community means local games nights in bricks-and-mortar stores. Here, friends eye one another across the table as they test new and experimental decks against one another, silently praying that their unlikely combo build will pay off.

The Sydney L5R group at play.

It is this local connection that one should always seek out when starting a new gaming hobby. Check with local game stores to see whether regular Legend of the Five Rings sessions or tournaments are being held, and look to make contact with fellow players who can help you improve your game. If no regular events are happening at the moment, consider speaking to staff about advertising a new session.

While these local groups are the lifeblood of any physical card game (even a discontinued one), this guide contains information about the fantastic volunteer-run Legend of the Five Rings communities that exist in online spaces.


For the uninitiated, Discord is a chat program primarily targeted at gamers. Anyone can create a server with a number of channels for users to communicate in. It also has embedded voice and video chat, and can be used through a web interface, mobile app, or desktop download.

Joining Discord is one of the most effective ways to become a better Legend of the Five Rings player. The unofficial Legend of the Five Rings server is filled with players who are passionate about the game and their respective clans, and who are keen to help beginners improve their skills.

The server has active channels devoted to both the LCG and RPG, along with the legacy CCG, competitive leagues, arts and crafts, and general discussion.

Once registered for Discord use this link for an invite to /r/L5R.

Your next step should be to declare your clan allegiance. To do this, type !join followed by your chosen clan. For example, !joinunicorn. This will give you access to your clan channel — the best source of information about cards, tactics, and the current meta. No question is too minor or obscure here, with each clan eager to help new members play more competitively. You can also switch between clans (including minor clans).

Once initiated into your clan it is worth going into the settings to tweak your notifications. Particularly if you are using the mobile app, take some time to set notifications at a level that is comfortable for you. This may mean unchecking all boxes expect those which involve @mentions for your posts. It is also generally best to leave notifications on for private messages.

The #server rules channel has information on everything else needed to get the most out of the r/L5R/ Discord channel. CBass#9999 and the fantastic server admins are responsible for maintaining the server and its various channels, and their work can be supported with the Patreon for the associated Court Games podcast. You can also find an interview with Cbass in the October 2020 edition of The Imperial Herald.


Facebook is home to a number of Legend of the Five Rings community groups. Beginning with the official FFG group, the images below all link to their respective pages. In addition, there are plenty of regional and store-organised groups that you can search for in your local area.

The L5R LCG trade group (the final link below) is a great way to enter the hobby, allowing you to pick up core and expansion packs cheaply as players leave the hobby.


Legend of the Five Rings has an active Subreddit. Posts in /r/L5R range from news, updates, and deck building advice, to storytelling and art commissions. The algorithm determines what is hot and trending, meaning you can easily stay up to date with the game and any news surrounding it.

As with all online communities, the L5R reddit is maintained by tireless volunteers who work to keep the channel active and civil.

Closing Thoughts

While Legend of the Five Rings has always been a niche game it is famed for its active and welcoming community. Players are passionate about the game and their clan and enjoy following the game's ongoing storyline and competitive scene.

With luck, you can make contact with a local group with whom you can test your skills and gain valuable knowledge and experience. If not, why not try starting a new group with friends or local players who are eager to try something new?

Beyond the physicality of bricks-and-mortar stores there are myriad of online communities eager to welcome new recruits to their clan. If you are involved in an online community that is not listed above, please feel free to get in touch and pass on your details.