The Emerald Dojo

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paulofhallett#7086 - Site Editor

Born from a love of writing and a love of Rokugan, The Emerald Dojo is designed to help players become more familiar with the intriguing but occasionally-overwhelming world of Legend of the Five Rings.

The genesis for the site began when as a naive young Unicorn player I was becoming increasingly frustrated because my Cavalry Reserves were always being canceled. Opponents always seemed to have a way to deny this powerful event, but there were no resources available to explain just how cancel events worked and which board states enabled them.

The idea for a site with curated guides to help new players was conceived, and work began in early 2020.

It soon became apparent, however, that keeping all the gameplay and clan guides up to date with the current card pool and meta was too much for one person. Thankfully, Severijn come on board in mid 2020 to help with the Phoenix guide and other parts of the site. Even with the two of us, however, we realised that more assistance was needed.

The Emerald Dojo 2.0 was launched at the end of October 2020 with dedicated curators for each of the seven great clans of Rokugan.

Each curator works to ensure that the clan primer guides help new players compete in their first tournaments, while the meta guides help experienced players to reach the to cut in competitive events.

Legend of the Five Rings is a demanding, but ultimately very fulfilling hobby, and I hope this site can help you find your way in the world of Rokugan.

Enegon#8434 - Crab Clan Curator

Hey everyone you might know me online as Enegon or in real life as Konstantinos Paltoglou, I played l5r from day 1 and after a few of games I realized that Crab is my favorite clan. My first paper achievement was winning the first year Greek League which the price allowed me to travel to Birmingham Grand Kotei in 2018 were I made it to top cut and lost at top 32 against Jakub. My greatest achievement was winning the Krakow Grand Kotei in 2019. I will characterize myself as a psychology player, deepening on my mood I will either do great or bad.

Erik#2965 - Crane Clan Curator

Erik is a 29 year old player from The Netherlands. Representing the Crane since the launch of the game, he gave the clan its first big title by becoming Shogun in 2018. You can find him streaming games on Twitch under the name Daidoji_Erik, and on Discord under the same name - mainly in the Crane channel. When not traveling for koteis, he works in IT and enjoys board games and (competitive) programming.

Saibrock#3886 - Lion Clan Curator

Saibrock has been a Lion player from the very beginnings of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG. In addition to L5R, he plays Necrons in Warhammer 40,000, and is an Artanis main in Heroes of the Storm. His favorite part about L5R is the wonderful people that make up the community.

Severijn#5194 - Phoenix Clan Curator

Severijn doing Massing at Twilight math against a Lion tower at a tournament

Severijn (online and real name) is a Belgian player of Legend of the Five Rings LCG since end of 2017 and has the ever-burning desire to try each card in his collection at least once. He is known for mainly playing Phoenix in tournaments, but enjoys playing each clan. His goal to try each card leads to a lot of deckbuilding and unorthodox decks which he fortunately takes great pleasure in. Beyond the game, he is found often on the Discord and likes participating in his local and global community because there are gems of players in both.

In addition to L5R, he played about 10 other card games over the years and is an enormous fan of Middle-Earth CCG. Outside of card games, he plays against grognards in the wargaming scene and helps playtesting wargames like Europe in Turmoil.

Outside of gaming, Severijn is an avid reader and roleplayer of 7th Sea. As his day job, he works as a wearer-of-many-hats/researcher in the pharmaceutical industry focused on data management in first-in-human cancer trials.

Poogin#4183 - Scorpion Clan Curator

Proud Canadian who started playing in March of last year and got an invite to worlds by winning an E.C in Montreal. At worlds i was fortunate enough to come in second place. After that I've been known in the community for my deck building, making off meta decks work in high level competition.

christian#3276 - Unicorn Clan Curator

Christian started playing L5R in 2018 after Android: Netrunner was cancelled, but did not start attending any tournaments or online organized play till 2019. He likes to play all clans but often focus on playing Unicorn in tournaments. Amongst other achievements he was the runner up of PAX Unplugged Grand Kotei 2019 and achieved a Top 32 position at the Winter Court 2019, getting knocked out by the Shogun.

As his day job Christian does research in Computer Science, Statistics and Machine Learning. He recently moved to New York City where he is currently a Postdoctoral Research Scientist at the Data Science Institute at Columbia University. When not playing L5R or working, Christian enjoys playing board games, computer games and watching movies.