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Welcome to The Emerald Dojo

Legend of the Five Rings is a living card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games from 2017-2021. While the retail version of the game has been discontinued, The Emerald Dojo remains a primer site to introduce players to the game and help them improve their competitive play.

A deeply-complex game, Legend of the Five Rings is compelling, rewarding, but occasionally overwhelming for new players. The rules and mechanics of the game are relatively straightforward; however, the many decision points involved in deckbuilding and playing the game can make it challenging for novices to compete against veterans. While the best way to improve is to watch, play and reflect upon as many games as possible, The Emerald Dojo contains curated guides to help players progress along the challenging Legend of the Five Rings learning curve.

In addition to these guides and resources, The Imperial Herald section contains monthly news publications issued throughout the final year of the retail game. Of particular note are the interviews conducted with members of the Legend of the Five Rings community, and a conversation with Katrina Ostlander, Head of Story at Fantasy Flight Games. These interviews showcase the incredible work put in by people who passionately believe in Legend of the Five Rings, and we thank everyone for their time in taking part.

With the game no longer receiving official support this site is no longer being actively updated. However, all guides are written to reflect the final official version of the game. As almost all online games are now being played under The The Jade Edict—a fan-led initiative which restricts or bans a large number of cards—a guide dedicated to this version of the game has been added to the site.

If you are interested in continuing The Emerald Dojo in any way please contact paulofhallett#7086 on Discord.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site—the table is yours.