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A deeply-complex game, Legend of the Five Rings is compelling, rewarding, but occasionally overwhelming for new players. The rules and mechanics of the game are relatively straightforward, however the many decision points in each round, plus the ever-expanding card pool and shifting meta, can make it challenging for new players to compete against veterans. While the best way to improve is to watch, play and reflect upon as many games as possible, The Emerald Dojo contains curated guides to help players progress along the challenging Legend of the Five Rings learning curve.

Named in honour of the classic 90's AEG Publication, The Imperial Herald section contains monthly reports on news and affairs within the Legend of the Five Community. Published on the last Sunday of every month, each edition helps you stay up to date on new releases, official fictions, and recent tournament results.

If you are new to the hobby the Starting Out section can help you take your first steps in the world of Rokugan. It has guides to help you begin your collection and find communities of like-minded players.

The Deckbuilding section can help you with the construction of your first Legend of the Rings decks. It includes guides on deckbuilding basics and using online deckbuilders.

The Gameplay Fundamentals section is designed to help players become more familiar with key aspects of Legend of the Five Rings gameplay. If you are preparing for your first tournament, these guides will prepare you for the cards and combinations you are likely to face.

For an introduction to each of the seven great clans of Rokugan check the Clan Primer Guides. Written by expert curators, these guides introduce players to the strengths and weakness of each clan, along with the most commonly-played cards.

For a more indepth look at each clan's place in the competitive scene see the Clan Meta Guides. Written to help players enter the Legend of the Five Rings competitive scene, each guide includes popular archetypes, difficult matchups, and helpful tips for reaching the cut in offline and online tournaments.

Finally, the Resources section covers the many community-created tools to help players engage further with the world of Legend of the Five Rings. Information on everything from podcasts to tournament hosting platforms can be found here, as well as ways to support the volunteers who maintain them.

Guides within The Emerald Dojo are updated monthly to help new and veteran players stay up to date on the state of the game. Any and all feedback related to the site is encouraged, and suggestions (or offers) for content are welcomed.

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