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Tournament Hosting

Updated 31 May, 2020

While TOME is Fantasy Flight Games' own tournament hosting platform, in practice The Lotus Pavilion is much preferred by players (and is now used at FFG's own Legend of the Five Rings tournaments).

Anyone can create a tournament on The Lotus Pavilion, whether it be a convention, store, or online event. Players records are tracked under their profile, and upcoming large tournaments are often registered in advance, allowing you to prepare for viewing, or possibly participating.

It is worth checking in on The Lotus Tournament regularly to take a look at the results of recent tournaments. This gives a good overview of the current meta, as winners' clans, strongholds, and roles are posted with the results.

The Imperial Advisor also uses The Lotus Pavilion to do excellent round ups of larger tournaments with breakdowns of results by clan and cut.

A big thank you to Petter Nyström for developing and hosting The Lotus Pavilion. You can support his work at his Patreon page, and read an interview with him in the March 2021 edition of The Imperial Herald.