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Updated 31 May, 2020.

Even with the end of the game there is still sporadic Legend of the Five Rings content being streamed and posted on Twitch and YouTube. There are also archives or previous physical and online tournaments which are interesting to watch, particularly for large tournaments such as the World Championships, World Cup, and Clan War events.

Official Channels

The Fantasy Flight Games YouTube and Twitch channels have videos of interviews with lead designer Tyler Parrott. They also stream and post videos for the Legend of the Five Rings World Championship with commentary from community members Aniel and Chris (Mind’sDesire#1911 and SirLargeness#1019, aka Fro Ttop).

Content Creators

In addition to his work on the Jade Throne Podcast and commentating at World's, Fro Ttop (SirLargeness#1019) also hosts his own YouTube channel. His primer videos continue to be useful to introduce new players to popular clan archetypes.

Another Jade Throne podcast host, Handsome Dan (Handsome_Dan#8310), has his own YouTube and Twitch channels. In his L5R Lounge show, Dan hosted two prominent members of the community and had them show off decks from their respective clans before playing several games together.

The Imperial Advisor podcast also hosted video content on YouTube. In addition to recordings of each episode, they also post smaller videos focusing on recent developments in the game.

The Meek Informant podcast also produced regular Legend of the Five Rings-related YouTube content. This included commentary on online tournaments and games against other members of the community.

Finbar (aka Steelfur) is a London-based Legend of the Five Rings player who also posts videos on his YouTube channel. These videos include reflections on news and the metagame, along with commentary of current tournaments.


While the Hidden City Roller Derby is no longer recording podcast episodes, their YouTube channel still has videos with commentary of online tournaments, and the occasional larger Australian tournament. Videos were streamed live on Twitch and later posted on YouTube.

Unicorn player and all round good egg 'Dirty Deeds' SCHLÄTTA has his own YouTube and Twitch channels which still posts occasional Legend of the Five Rings content.


If you have you own channel, or would like to recommend one, please feel free to get in touch and we will post the details here.