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Updated 31 May, 2020

With the end of the retail game, most Legend of the Five Rings podcasts have sadly stopped producing regular content. All of the significant podcasts are still listed here for those who enjoy listening to people talk about the game (and it can be interesting to follow the 'story' of the LCG by binging a particular podcast). In particular, podcasts which focus on the lore and narrative of Legend of the Five Rings are perennially engaging, and are recommended for anyone interested in great storytelling.

The Meek Informant was an excellent podcast for beginners as, according to its Patreon page, "most of the [existing] content available was targeting ultra-competitive players and a foundation of knowledge was assumed, which new players may lack. Our goal was to focus less on the competitive scene and more on newer players and making the game more accessible."

Hosted by Eric (Cannister#0545), Adam (Adam H#9712), and Nick, The Meek Informant did indeed take time to break down cards into their respective components and guide new players throughout their potential uses, making it a great entry-level resource for beginners.

Focused on the Legend of the Five Rings community, Court Games features two podcasts: an LCG version and an RPG version. The former, hosted by Trevor (Kakita Onimaru#1223) and Max (WhackedMaki#0078), gave regular clan-by-clan updates of the current meta, and featured interviews and roundups of news and events. The latter, hosted by KakitaKaori#9489 and Korvar#7488, continues to focus on roleplaying news, while also discussing recent fictions and novels.

Court Games also has a patreon for listeners who would like to support the show. This also helps support the Legend of the Five Rings Discord server, both of which are produced by CBass#9999.

Focusing more on the European meta and tournament scene, Imperial Advisor was hosted by a trio of Irishmen: Eoin "Hida O-Win” Burke, Barry “Bazleebub” Sheppard (Bazleebub#9897) and Justin Walsh. More reflective in nature, Imperial Advisor also looked at the place of Legend of the Five Rings in the greater scheme of competitive card games and FFG products.

Featuring the best of US competitive talent, The Jade Throne was a weekly look at the current competitive meta. Hosted by Shey (shey#5633) and featuring a rotating cast of Aniel (Mind’sDesire#1911), Chris (SirLargeness#1019 aka FroTop), Dan (Handsome_Dan#8310), Travis (Travis Fights Dragons#1716), and Dibat, The Jade Throne looked at new card releases, tournament results, and the state of the game.

While it may be overwhelming at first for new players, The Jade Throne is still a helpful source for improving your Legend of the Five Rings game. Indeed, two of the podcast's hosts (Aniel and Chris) were official commentators on the Legend of the Five Rings World Championships stream.

The Jade Throne also has a Patreon which gives access to its Discord channel, and is still producing content which is focused on Ashes Reborn.

Tobin, Carl and Doug talked all things Legend of the Five Rings in The Art of Warcast. An engaging listen, in their final podcast they also gave some useful behind-the-scenes insight into what it was like being playtesters for Legend of the Five Rings.

Focused primarily of Legend of the Five Rings lore, The Last Province looks at the most recent official fiction and novellas for the game, and the world of Rokugan in general. Hosted by Daniel, George, and Bobby (Spookyelectric#4438), the latter of whom works on the Legend of the Five Rings story team and wrote the excellent novella The Sword and the Spirits), The Last Province continues to produce excellent content in the wake of the FFG cancellation announcement.

Unique in its approach, The Table is Yours (a line from the original CCG which players would say at the end of their turn) is designed to give listeners the option to hear, rather than read, the official Legend of the Five Rings fiction from Fantasy Flight Games. Almost up to date on all fictions at the time of writing, The Table is Yours is a unique project that has been very well received by the community.

The Table is Yours also has a Patreon for those interested in funding the show.


If you have your own podcast, or would like to recommend one, please feel free to get in touch and we will post the details here.