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One of the great joys of Legend of the Five Rings comes from organising one's collection of cards. The game has an inherent aesthetic beauty that can be lost in the heat of competitive games, but is worth admiring in quieter moments. There is also value in simply reading cards and considering the various synergies between traits, mechanics, and text. New decks are born from simply wondering, "What if I put x with y ..?"

Beyond the physicality of one's own collection, local playgroups can be a great source of ideas and inspiration for new decks. The discussions that take place during and after games can lead to questions such as "Have you tried..?" Groups are always looking for new members so be sure to ask your local stores about regular times or events for Legend of the Five Rings.

In an online world, of course, there also virtual resources to help new players immerse themselves in the world of Legend of the Five Rings. While this site introduces five such resources, there are plenty more out there to help players become more competitive.

Each of the resources discussed here is maintained by a tireless crew of volunteers who work to keep their servers and services healthy and active. Be sure to give thanks when using them, and consider supporting them where possible.